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Masuria, a region in northern Poland, is full of unique charm, beauty and above all nature. It’s an area dotted with plains, hills, boulders, sparkling lakes, and numerous rivers, canals and streams which form a gigantic water network. Formed by glaciers during the Pleistocene Era it is often called the Land of a Thousand Lakes. This land’s long and stormy history is testified by many cultural remnants, burial mounds dating  back to 500 BC, medieval castles, Renaissance palaces and fortifications from the beginning of  the last century, all combining to create a perfect place to spend an active holiday. We invite you to spend a week cycling among lakes and deep forests visiting exceptional places which will last in your memory forever. We stay in well maintained and comfortable hotels.

Day 1: Warsaw

We begin in Warsaw, capital of Poland. Although Warsaw is not in Masuria, it is still fine to start  our tour there. After arrival we take a guided tour of the city.

Overnight stay in Warsaw.

Day 2: The Krutynia River

Today we head to the Masurian Lakes. Our destination will be the Krutynia River. We will kayak  along between deep forests on both sides of the bending river. The Krutynia is quiet enough to allow us to observe the delights of the surrounding nature. We make a stopover in Wojnowo where an original Old Believers church is located and we cover the rest of the stage today by bicycle. We

stay overnight in the picturesque town of Mikołajki with a view over one of the Masurian Lakes.

Overnight stay in Mikołajki (15 km cycling, 3-4 hours canoeing).

Day 3: Masurian Landscape Park

On the third day we cycle through the Masurian Landscape Park with a stopover in a local safari park.

Overnight stay in Mrągowo (38 km cycling).

Day 4: Reszel Castle, Święta Lipka Sanctuary

Today’s stage takes us to Kętrzyn. We make stopovers to visit sights like the Castle in Reszel or the Sanctuary in Święta Lipka dating back to the 14th century. Our accommodation is arranged in historic Kętrzyn.

Overnight stay in Kętrzyn (42 km cycling).

Day 5: Wolf’s Lair, Sztynort

We continue cycling east making a stop at the Wolf’s Lair, the former secret headquarters of Adolf Hitler. We will take a guided tour of the complex which holds grim memories about the Second World War. Later we visit a palace in Sztynort. From here we take a cruise on board a passenger ship to Giżycko, the biggest tourist resort in the area. We continue our trip by bicycle to Mikołajki along the shores of Lake Niegocin which is rich in bird life.

Overnight stay in Mikołajki (64 km cycling).

Day 6: Warsaw

In the morning we are transported back to Warsaw where you will have time for individual sightseeing.

Overnight stay in Warsaw.

Day 7: Return journey

Return trip home or individual stay extension.




Grade: Easy.

The route follows flat country or forest roads. Average distance covered a day is 40 km.

The tour is meant for people of all ages who are familiar with cycling.