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Luxury Poland is the brand new, independent division of JAN-POL Incoming Tour Operator and it is solely dedicated to serving the most discerning travellers. Our goal is to offer the finest luxury travel experience in Poland combined with the best possible services for all those travellers who expect the very highest standards. All our tours are private and highly personalised and always organised right down to the smallest detail.

Luxury Poland’s  unique services include:

  • the best available deluxe accommodation and carefully chosen room categories,
  • personal concierge who is always at your disposal,
  • the best travel specialist to advise on each detail of your trip,
  • the best local attractions and services: entrances, deluxe restaurants, best available guides, luxury car transfers, etc.,
  • personally designed tailor made itineraries.

Our professional and friendly team is always ready to provide you with information and assist you in your deluxe trips to Poland. Let us take your travellers to a world of new experiences!

JAN-POL Incoming Tour Operator is one of the fastest growing companies in Kraków. It was established in 1990 in Kraków in order to act as an incoming tour operator and hotel management company. Since then  JAN-POL has been successfully operating in the tourist market supplying a wide range of services to our foreign and Polish partners and guests.  JAN-POL is a member of national tourism organisations including the Polish Chamber of Tourism and Kraków Chamber of Tourism and has also joined the RDA, USTOA, NTA, American Tourism Society and ETOA international tourism organisations.

Land of rich history and cities of fascinating contrasts

Take a glamorous weekend in one of Poland’s ancient but vibrant cities.

Placed in the heart of Europe Poland is a country steeped in history and tradition, astounding in its diversity. It radiates a medieval charm unfolding from the majestic fortifications of Wawel, the Royal Castle of Kraków, a European City of Culture.
The enchanting city of Wrocław lays claim to be the Venice of the North with numerous tributaries, streams and channels of the Oder River meandering through the picturesque Old Town.

For those searching for treasure there is Gdańsk – the world capital of amber has cultivated the radition of amber craft over the ages and the ‘gold’ of the Baltic has become the true hallmark of the city. It can also teach you a memorable lesson about the turbulent events of the 20th century as it was here that the Second World War began and then Solidarity emerged in the 1980s to trigger the downfall of communism in Europe.

To see ‘young phoenix arisen from ashes’ you need to come to Warszawa, the city completely rebuilt after its thorough devastation during the Second World War and now is quickly becoming a fashionable metropolis open to the new...

In each of these cities we have selected the finest luxury hotels to ensure that your stay is as comfortable and relaxing as you wish and our professional team is always at hand to tend to your every need.

Be inspired by the glamour of art

If you are a connoisseur of art and culture you cannot miss Kraków, nominated a European Capital of Culture in 2000. Once you pop in you will fall in love with this unique, historic city with its inestimable monuments, churches, castles, synagogues and museums. You can choose from a wide range of interesting exhibitions; historical, archaeological or ethnographical and a variety of themed museums. Art lovers won’t feel disappointed since they will be able to see famous painting ‘Lady with an Ermine’ by Leonardo da Vinci as well as works by Polish painters already appreciated at the beginning of the 20th century; Jan Matejko, Stanisław Wyspiański, Józef Mehoffer and Jacek Malczewski. Within the network of national museums there are fascinating temporary exhibitions with works by masters like Chagall, Salvador Dali, Picasso and Andy Warhol. When in search of modern art you will find many prominent figures in Poland such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, a famous sculptor notable for her use of textiles as a sculptural medium and regarded as being one of the most important and influential female artists of the 20th century.

Strolling through the unique city of Kraków there’s a treasure round every corner so stay alert and keep your eyes wide open so as not to miss it...

Timeless elegance of Polish castles and palaces

Be touched by the historical charm of the numerous castles and palaces scattered across the whole country. Some of them are now romantic and picturesque ruins cautiously preserved and towering on their defensive hills or limestone rocks whilst others house lavish accommodation and restaurants appealing to the most discerning of palates. You can take part in sumptuous feasts and banquets in old Polish manors, balls in splendid noblemen’ residences or duels and jousting tournaments in renovated castles. Be watchful as some of the places may be haunted by their legendary ghosts and, according to old rumours, might still hide mysterious passages and treasures.


The Pearls of Polish Heritage

Select the places of your choice from among the thirteen most highly valued sites in Poland that have been put on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. These cultural, architectural and natural treasures help to explain Poland’s considerable contribution to the world’s heritage. For nature enthusiasts there is the last natural lowland forest in Europe, for connoisseurs of art and material culture there are plenty of historic sites including the charming Old Towns of Kraków, Warszawa, Zamość and Toruń, the largest timber-framed religious buildings in Europe, the phenomenal labyrinth of underground galleries and chambers at Wieliczka Salt Mine and many others waiting for you to discover.

Undiscovered Poland - the splendid Valley of Palaces and Gardens

Explore what still remains the hidden gem of Poland. The Valley of Palaces and Gardens in the Jelenia Góra district is often compared to the Châteaux of the Loire Valley region in France. It is a unique combination of breathtaking scenery and the imposing heritage of material culture with 22 palaces, castles and manor houses clustered in one small district and historic park complexes surrounding the most magnificent residences. Some of these places host to boutique hotels and various cultural facilities. The Valley is also a perfect place for active holidays especially for road and mountain cyclists, hikers and nature photographers as well as for skiing, horse riding, hang-gliding and rafting. With the number of attractions awaiting you, your days will be full of diverse experiences tailor made for you.

Immerse yourself in Poland’s colourful culture

Feel a sense of place, a touch of tradition and the magical dimension of religious and secular holidays in Poland – the country that for centuries has preserved its very rich tradition of celebrating all the special days of the year. Get completely drenched on Easter Monday, share the elevated and joyful atmosphere of Christmas Eve singing carrols beneath the starry sky and strolling through colorful Christmas Market, celebrate New Year’s Day in white winter scenery or be moved by the note of melancholy on All Saints’ Day when all across the country cemeteries are flooded with pensive crowds and glow with millions of lamps that lighten up the darkness of the night.

Diverse sounds of Poland

All the world’s a stage...’ Immerse yourself in our fascinating Polish land which abounds with renowned festivals offering real contacts with different cultures all the year round. Share the spontaneous reaction of the audience and experience the charm of a bohemian lifestyle watching and participating in performances by artists from diverse disciplines, from classical music virtuosi through jazzmen, street performers, and experimental theatre artists to representatives of exotic folklore. You can choose from a wide spectrum of artistic sensations at the Opera House in Kraków or Wrocław, the Beethoven Festival in Warsaw, the Jewish Cultural Festival or Summer Jazz Festival in Kraków, the International Highland Folklore Festival in Zakopane mountain resort, the Chopin Festival in the spa town of Duszniki Zdrój, the International Organ Festivals in Gdańsk and many, many more.

The sweet scent of romance

Love is in the air and you can feel it especially in Kraków – a magical medieval Polish city. Take a romantic walk along the meandering streets that flow like rivers and streams through the city where every building will tell you its fascinating history if you are eager to listen. Once you are ready, take your beloved in a balloon high into the sky and delight her by popping the question before returning to your luxurious boutique hotel.

Nature’s hidden treasures

Enter the perishing world of primeval nature traversing the marshes, lakes and virgin woodlands of Poland. Imagine you are facing a European bison in the last primeval lowland forest of Europe in Białowieża or watching rare birds in the wild in one of the most significant European bird watching areas amongst the Biebrza marshes. You can leave behind the hectic modern world and indulge in the primitive but harmonic life of the wild, where every piece seems to fall in the right place and it is nature that determines the rules... yet our team will ensure that the luxuries of modern life are always at hand at the end of the day.

Idyllic retreat for the body and soul

Feel the supreme balance and harmony in one of the numerous Polish Spa and wellness complexes. Whether you are looking for relaxation, the ultimate rejuvenation or just some pampering we will find the uniquely tailored treatment and spa facility for you. In any location of your choice you will be treated as a special guest and provided with a one-of-a-kind experience with a host of added value such as private car transfers, special massages, spa treatments or excursions. If you fancy relaxing in an active way an exceptional variety of leisure activities such as biking, guided hiking, golf and tennis training, horse riding and sailing are available for you all year long.What’s more, alongside all these activities you will also have a chance to experience Poland’s rich culture and its famed hospitality that truly warms the heart.

Go golfing – Polish style

Escape the everyday routine and turmoil to recharge your batteries at one of Poland’s emerging golf complexes. At the end of a tiring but enjoyable day on the course perhaps revel in a relaxing massage and relish our varied national cuisine at an exclusive restaurant in the historic Old Town of Kraków, Warsaw or Wrocław or you can also listen to the sounds of waves on the shore and the rustle of leaves in the refreshing breeze from the Baltic Sea in the resort of Międzyzdroje or in the charming sea port of Gdańsk.

Shopping in style

Feel like having a break? Indulge in the pure pleasure of hunting for... any goods you desire; clothes, jewellery, works of art, antiques or rarities. Up-market shopping malls are mushrooming in all Polish cities but especially in Warsaw where you can pick over a wide range of shopping galleries featuring many of the major luxury brands and niche stores. Apart from combing modern malls you can also fling yourself into antique shopping fervour with the best ‘trophies’ available in numerous Polish antique shops where you can occasionally stumble upon a real treasure. Poland is also the right place to search for folk art and handicrafts – silver, gold, amber or coral jewellery, pictures, sculptures, ceramics, unique cloths – as well as old books and records or original souvenirs. Furthermore, it is worth coming to Poland for quite ‘serious’ purchases and that is just what many collectors do. A number of smaller and larger galleries offer works by recognised contemporary Polish artists or can contact them for you. It is all just a step away...