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Individual hiking tour in Bieszczady Mountains

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Day 1 Krakow or Rzeszow

After arrival in Krakow you will have a chance to take a guided tour of the city visiting the Old Town, Royal Castle Hill and Jewish Quarter. Optionally you can start the trip arriving to Rzeszow airport (100 km east of Krakow and spend the last night in Krakow instead)
Overnight stay in Krakow or Cisna

Day 2 Cisna

In the morning you will be transported to Cisna in the Eastern Carpathians. From here you can take a moderate hike to a forest lake or take a ride with a narrow-gauge rail along the Solinka Valley. Overnight stay in Cisna.

Day 3 Jaslo and Okraglik Peaks

Today you will take a trail ascending to Jaslo (1153 m) and Okraglik ( 1101 m). The Carpathian peaks are covered with dense forests which turn into huge alpine meadows at a level of 1100 metres. We hike along well maintained and marked trails. You will descend to a quiet settlement for the night. Overnight stay in Wetlina.

Day 4 Carpathian Meadows

Today your route follows a trail through two Carpathian meadows named Polonina Carynska and Polonina Wetlinska. Overnight stay in Ustrzyki Gorne.

Day 5 Kremenaros Peak

Today’s suggestion for a hike is the peak Kremenaros (1221 metres) located where borders of Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine meet. The walk can be extended to an Slovakian village of Nova Sedlica with Orthodox Christian population. Overnight stay in Ustrzyki Gorne

Day 6 Tarnica and Krzemien Peaks

This day’s stage reaches Tranica (1346 m), the highest peak in the area and Krzemien (1335 metres) close to the Ukrainian border. You will descend to a settlement called Muczne. Overnight stay in Muczne.

Day 7 Three borders point

The highest peak in the area and Krzemien (1776 metres) close to Ukrainian border. Today's route will pass through Carpathian meadows Carynska and Wetlinska. The site is located where the three borders of Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia meet. Overnight stay in Muczne

Day 8 Return journey

In the morning you will be transferred to the Krakow airport for return journey home.


- Price per person from 540 EUR

Services included in package price

- Accommodation for 7 nights
Krakow: 3* hotel
Bieszczady Mountains: Pensions
- Private car transport according to the itinerary
- Luggage transport between accommodations
- 24h emergency phone
- maps and travel materials
- weather forecast by text message daily


Moderate. There are 3 days when the major activity is hiking. A day’s walk is between 7 – 8 hours moving at an easy pace. The biggest ascent comes on day 6 when the altitude difference is about 600 metres. This trip is meant for people of all ages who are interested in mountain hiking