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Discover the flavours of Poland and take them home with you

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Poland – a country at the crossroads of European trade routes, a melting pot of cultures, religions and traditions. The best country in Europe for bread, bigos, white żurek and red barszcz, pierogi, Baltic herring and highland sheep’s cheese. Polish cooking is cooking from the heart. Whether you are an old friend or a guest who came for the first time, you can be sure that you will not leave hungry.

Day 1: Zakopane

Arrival and transfer to Zakopane. In the evening we will invite you to try some delicious examples of Highlander cuisine in a traditional koliba mountain hut. As an option we can also arrange a local folk ensemble to brighten up your meal with traditional highlander singing and dancing. Overnight stay in Zakopane.

Day 2: Zakopane – Wieliczka – Kraków (123 km)

In the morning we will take you on a tour of Zakopane. This enchanting town lies at the very heart of the Tatra Mountains and the Tatra National Park. Surrounded by picturesque peaks and valleys it is also known for its crafts and wooden architecture. Your guided tour will include an opportunity to take a funicular railway to the top of Mount Gubałówka, which offers an incredibly beautiful view of the town and mountain range.

In the early afternoon we will take you to Kraków. On the way we will show you Wieliczka unique salt mine, which was once described as being ‘as remarkable as the Pyramids and more useful!’ Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your guided tour commences 65m underground and leads through rooms, passages and large chambers to a depth of 135m. Highlights include the stunning colours of the underground lake and the beautiful St. Kinga’s Chapel, a remarkable underground ‘cathedral’, every feature of which is carved out of solid salt!

After the visit you will discover the traditional flavours of Polish cuisine in a rustic manor farm where a Polish folk group will play for you at special request. After a hearty feast you will arrive in Kraków. Overnight stay in Kraków.

Day 3: Kraków

After breakfast we will take you on a tour of the Kraków’s Old Town. We will show you the Market Square, the biggest in Europe, the beautiful Sukiennice Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Church, the Jagiellonian University and Wawel Hill. During your tour you can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee with home baked cake served in a local patisserie. At noon exactly you will hear the Kraków Hejnał (bugle call) , played by a fireman trumpeter visible in a gothic window in one of the towers of St. Mary’s Church. In one of Wawel Cathedral’s towers, on the other hand, you will be able to touch the largest bell in Poland, the Sigismund Bell, and enjoy wonderful views of the Old Town.

After your city tour you can try local specialties in a “pierogarnia” serving Polish-style pierogi dumplings in Kraków’s Jewish district, or on a boat on the Vistula at the foot of the magical Wawel Castle or, if you are interested, in a socialist-era milk bar.

You will have some free time in the afternoon for shopping or relaxing.

We will then invite you to a special farewell dinner at a cosy restaurant in the Old Town, during which you will be able to enjoy a brief and unique cooking lesson. After your delicious meal you will be given recipes for traditional Polish dishes together with a surprise. Overnight stay in Kraków.

Day 4: Kraków




Also available are “Tasty tours” theme blocks, such as:

Chocolate, donuts, beer, soups etc.

Highly recommended festivals in Kraków

National Donut Day, known as “Fat Thursday”, is eagerly awaited by many gourmets. The final Thursday before Ash Wednesday is when Poles eat donuts that can be bought basically everywhere. (winter)

International Soup Festival in Kraków – during this festival numerous restaurant owners show off their culinary skills offering food lovers a chance to try delicious Polish soups (Spring)

Dumplings Festival in Kraków– once a year Kraków’s Market Square plays hosts „pierogi” fair, where visitors can try dozens of different kinds of pierogi - Polish dumpling. (summer)

The most traditional Polish dishes

Żurek z kiełbasą (Sour Rye Soup with Sausage)

Barszcz czerwony (Beetroot Soup)

Zupa borowikowa w chlebie (wild Boletus mushroom soup served in bread bowl)

Sour cabbage soup and smoked oscypek cheese (made from ewe’s milk)

Herring in cream

Pierogi (Polish Style Dumplings)

Bigos (stewed dish made of saurkraut and fresh cabbage, meat and mushrooms)

Schabowy z kapustą (Pork chops with cabbage)

Gołąbki (stuffed cabbage leaves)

Silesian noodles with meat

Potato pancakes

Cheesecake with raisins

Apple tart with ice cream and whipped cream

Szarlotka (apple cake)

Makowiec (poppy seed cake).